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Hi, I’m Cristina, your new teacher and coach online so that you learn Spanish to your measure.., I’ve been most of my life dedicated to teaching, teaching in different subjects and languages with very good results from my students, and now as a native, it is time to give Spanish classes.


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What I offer you?

As I said at the beginning, Spanish classes to your measure… , And what means to your measure?: all classes must be directed to your tastes, desires and needs, will be enjoyable and fun, one to one skype spanish lessons, classes every day of the week, weekends included, intensive courses, promotions, groups classes.

Your tastes: they can be conversation, grammar, everything a little, you choose.

Your wishes: Learn about topics that interest you particularly, or others that are to your liking.

Your needs: If you are working and need you learn it, or because you are traveling to Spanish-speaking countries, or you like to learn the language, or for any other reason need and makes you miss speaking Spanish.

Well I’m here to teach you how to speak Spanish in a simple and natural, with audio-videos so that you learn to pronounce, exercises, readings, discussions, games, and all that also happens to you that you want to learn.

Custom classes that include material internal and external, flexible at times, depending on your needs and your level of knowledge, as well as your desire to have the ideal online Spanish class.

The price includes all material custom course, together with the duties, sessions of 50 minutes each, but the trial lesson is FREE.

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Your Native Spanish Teacher Online.

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